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Panthers Tuesday Links-of-Wonder: short, short version




Recent Florida second-round draft pick Drew Shore has a pretty solid hockey home.


Ever wonder what became of former Panthers defenseman Joel Kwiatkowski? Me neither, however...


Montreal head coach Jacques Martin:

"Our goaltending was a big part of the success we had in Florida."


Man-love? Coach DeBoer sure thinks highly of Toronto first-rounder Nazem Kadri. Shoulda traded up?


Curious about EA's NHL '10? Puck Daddy's got the goods...and they ARE good.


The Miami Herald's Greg Cote:

The Panthers traded the rights to their best player, defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, just before they could lose him in free agency. The club might have spent big to re-sign him, but didn't want to risk jeopardizing its long, hard-earned playoff drought.