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Monday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum



Happy Monday, kids.

With Tampa Bay's drawn-out, 48-hour victory over New Jersey Sunday (and Friday!) night, the Cats find themselves in a familiar spot: staring skyward.

In the Wales Eastern Conference, Florida currently stands in the 13th spot with 43 points. That's five points behind eighth-place Montreal (of course) and seventh-place Ottawa (whom the Cats toasted on Saturday). The Rangers are in sixth with 50 points, while the Bruins sit in the fifth spot with 51.

Forget the top four...Pittsburgh - with 57 points - is the worst of the bunch.

Anyway, the climb is no cakewalk: Philadelphia, the Islanders, Thrashers, Lightning, and even Brian Burke's sad sack Maple Leafs are trying to sell playoff seats. And none of them have spent a decade on the postseason sidelines.

Moves in the future or do they sit on their laurels?