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Thursday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum and Post Mortem


Not much to say other than they blew it against a very good team. They let crumble a three-goal lead only to lose in the shootout at home.

Of course, it's not that coach Pete is engineering it to wind up this way. Nor are his players.

But when does the fabulous "upside" of all these difficult days kick in?

I know for a fact that I was not the only viewer nervous with the Cats holding a 4-1 lead. Many if not most of you were as well. And if we all were, chances are pretty solid that the team collectively was, too.

And obviously that was indeed the case, hence the meltdown. But previously it had been two-goal leads that were impossible to seal. Now they will freak out with an even cushier margin, simply because it happened.

Why has the attitude not improved/changed/evolved? How must that be addressed? No matter the number of personnel changes which may be wrought, the smell's not leaving the dressing room as things stand now.

Also: The SB Nation/NHL Power 16 rankings are in.

Open Game Forum goes live at 6pm tonight.