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Friday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum

How about Rostislav Olesz? "Rusty" has been good for 3 goals on four shots over his last three games, with one GW. If coach Pete could just get him shooting more...

Really seems rather elementary. Nathan Horton - whose pass-rather-than-shoot policy has been a subject of tremendous attention in recent years - wrote the book on just such an approach. We'll never debate these guys and the reasons for their on-ice decisions, but we've all gone short of permanently hoarse lobbing profanities at the television when a particular situation quite obviously was tailor-made for a wrister. But what do we know?

Tomas Vokoun has been earning his keep this month, going 3-2-1, giving up 12 goals in his past six contests (one shutout). And the support he's had has been, well, unpredictable: (Goals-for over the last six) 6, 2, 0, 3, 4, 3. No matter; he's shown up.

Congrats to defenseman Keaton Ellerby, who finally nailed his NHL debut last night. DeBoer didn't allow for much freedom (4:58 total TOI, no special teams appearances, no points, -1), but in a tight game such as that which played out in Tampa, time was not on Ellerby's side. Great to finally see the former first-rounder in the bigs.