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Wednesday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum

Up for discussion...


  • On Frozen Pond's GR shed some light on Den of Honor, v2.0. I think it's a nice tribute to some solid folks. Just don't retire anything...yet.
  • Finally took more than a passing glance at scoring per team, and it finally sunk in that Florida is 13th in the league. Not conference, league. Goals-against has improved from years past as well.
  • Jiggs McDonald will again fill in for Randy Moller at 790 The Ticket, likely for tomorrow's romp in Nassau as well.
  • Stephen Weiss is a game-time decision. What was your impression of Dominic Moore holding down Weisser's spot on Monday?
  • Tonight's Live Game Forum featuring the Panthers at New Jersey Devils will post around 6 or so. On that note, I asked John Fischer from In Lou We Trust who has been the most important member of the Devils' organization this season, and he (quite wisely) chose head coach Jacques Lemaire:

"When [Lemaire] was hired, I was worried. When preseason happened, I was relieved. He has improved upon what Brent Sutter did, he's shown more faith in the younger players in the lineup, he's allowed more freedom in terms of tactics, and he rewards good play.  The Devils have suffered significant injuries of varying lengths to various players of various importance, yet the team hasn't had a losing streak longer than 3 games all season. 

 It doesn't matter if the opponent is Buffalo, Washington, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, or Atlanta.  The Devils may not be consistently great, but they will compete, they will be a challenge for opposing teams, and they will look to succeed whenever possible.  Lemaire has made the right moves behind the bench to make it happen..."


And we Florida fans didn't want him here in an advisory position, 'cuz he'd go all neutral-zone on us. I was part of it as well.

Game's at 7, kids.