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Saturday Caterwaul: Panthers Gameday Open Forum

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Like most Florida fans, I too possess a walk-in closet simply brimming with blue Panthers merchandise for use at this evening's home opener against the 'Ning in Sunrise.

Not really. Heck, the blue color scheme was released less than a year ago, so how much market saturation could have taken place? I don't personally have a single blue item - as yet - but I'll break down eventually, 'cuz that's what fans do.

The just-short-of-wholesale switch to blue is unquestionably a contentious issue with which everyone seems to have an opinion; tends to break into two distinct camps: those who will never accept anything other than red as a primary, and those who seem to like the new colors just fine.

Floor's open; talk up anything that strikes you: Tyler Plante's fainting spell, Steven Reinprecht's season-debut, Dominic Moore's return, whatever...

Live Game Chat fires up at 6:30; check in with us throughout the game...we're cell-friendly.