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NHL's "Three Stars" shaft Panthers standout performances

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Checked out the NHL's Three Stars from last evening yet?  I'll save you a trip:

  • Patrick Sharp, CHI: 2g
  • Sidney Crosby, PIT: 2g-1a
  • Kari Lehtonen, DAL: 43 SA, 41SV

Find that list lacking in any particular area? I know we hicks in South Florida represent a non-traditional hockey market and all, but since when does Sharp's 2-point night overshadow a 1g-2a (+3) performance by Rusty Olesz? Or His Majesty's 2g-1a is somehow a finer showing than David Booth's identical numbers? And don't get me started on the Tomas Vokoun slight...

While we're venting, would Bryan McCabe's four-point night be worthy of mention on a C-list somewhere?