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Tuesday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

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Panthers @ Maple Leafs, 7pm

  • Following successful neck surgery, Rochester center Michael Nylander is looking at a six-month recovery period before resuming play; Cats assistant GM Mike Santos has begun the search for a replacement.
  • As well, Jason Garrison will return to the Panthers' defensive corps this evening, forcing a demotion for a very well-traveled Keaton Ellerby.
  • In an attempt to shake off his club's recent scoring funk (four goals over the past three games...all losses) Toronto coach Ron Wilson is experimenting with new lineup combos. Forwards Phil Kessel and Clarke MacArthur have scored 12 of the Leafs' 20 total goals.
  • Florida captain - and longtime Toronto blueliner - Bryan McCabe positively feeds on the ACC boobirds.
  • Our pals at Pension Plan Puppets haven't yet chimed on this evening's event, but rest assured they will.

No local TV for tonight's game (the infamous and overtly insulting Versus Blackout) but we'll manage somehow. Live Game Chat at 6:30.