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Saturday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

In what should come as a surprise to precisely no one, winger Steve Bernier remained in South Florida after taking a Brent Burns butt-end AIM-9 to the right cheek. Still very little to go an regarding a medical update at this point, so if news pops up throughout the day, feel free to leave it in the comments. As for suspension talk, I'd personally guess three games...which, knowing how the NHL's disciplinary office operates, in reality would likely translate to one...and a fine of some sort should unquestionably be levied at Minnesota head coach Todd Richards. We're talking about an action which could be seen in legal circles as assault...

At least this weekend's fair share of controversial moments should now be behind the Cats as they take on the always fluffy Flyers (10-4-2, 22 points) this evening; never any sub-stories when these two face off.

Live Game Chat @ 6:30.