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Friday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

No rest on the day after Thanksgiving, as I'm one of those who lucky few who must head out for work...which is most unfortunate given the Bond-a-Thon presently running on SyFy, or SciFy, or whatever it's called this week. Few things in life are quite as spectacular as a restored HD version of Goldfinger. Bliss.

The Rangers are in town this evening, which should at the very least provide a healthy bump in ticket sales; reported attendance in the two matchups from Sunrise last season were 16,281 and 18,011 - both losses.

New York is coming off a 5-3 loss at the hands of our beloved Lightning on Wednesday, meaning they likely won't be caught napping on the back-end of their Florida visit. Comments from head coach John Tortorella ("We just looked brain-dead through the first part of that game,") would appear to support such a theory.

And what's this about a town hall meeting with team officials before the game? Details, please...

Live Game Chat at 7pm.