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Monday Caterwaul - Panthers GameDay Open Forum

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  • How about David Booth's Big Day, eh? One assist and he didn't look as if he'd missed a minute of action. Smiles all around the BankAtlantic Center.
  • On the heels of yesterday's mammoth transactions involving Calgary, Anaheim, and Toronto, it now appears extremely likely that longtime Panthers captain Olli Jokinen will be changing addresses yet again: numerous reports suggest he's about to become John Tortorella's latest whipping boy with the Rangers. Ales Kotalik is certain to go the other way, with names such as Brandon Prust and Christopher Higgins also in the mix. This is all developing as we speak, so check in at Matchsticks and Gasoline and Blueshirt Banter for the latest. And in typical fashion, Greg at Puck Daddy has the last word:

"...Jokinen has been an enigmatic, underwhelming flop for the Flames, with the leadership skills of a frightened kitten."

  • It's Way-Back Night at the BAC as two supposedly modern clubs - members in good standing of a prime international league - will play a televisionless game this evening. Neither organization's fans outside of Panther Parkway will have any opportunity to view tonight's proceedings. It's a slap in the face and yet another reminder that the NHL continues to drag one foot in the Dark Ages by choice. Poker is on three stations minimum at any one time of the day, but the lack of one simple feed - from either club's broadcast partners - is too much to ask from this joke of a league. They take, they take, they take...
  • So who starts for Florida? And will the Ducks have the services of newly acquired Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala, two names Florida fans have gotten to know over the past couple of years?
  • Live Open Forum tonight around 7pm, where we'll be latching on to the services of 790TheTicket's Randall Moller, which is a pleasure we don't often take advantage of.