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Saturday Caterwaul - Panthers GameDay Open Forum

Now that the purges have begun in earnest, a game remains to be played before shutting out the lights and rolling up the walkways at the BankAtlantic Center.

The Bruins are in town for a regular season semi-finale, as the Olympic break shuts down the Panthers until March 2nd when they'll resume play in Atlanta. The official NHL trading deadline is 3pm the following day, just hours before the Cats and David Booth welcome Mike Richards' Flyers to Sunrise. But no significance to that one.

We don't typically get into much pre-game hoopla 'round these parts, but our buddy Mark at The Hub of Hockey was kind enough to ask for a few words, so check out his preview of tonight's festivities, along with the rest of his excellent site. Our SBN partner Stanley Cup of Chowder is on deck as well.

So, a day's gone by; no moves have taken place beyond sending Dominic Moore downstream. Given that massive changes are on the horizon, is it realistic to believe in what ownership and management hope to accomplish? Can the country club culture - dismissed as dead only two seasons ago - really be eliminated? And what will it take to do that?