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Tuesday Caterwaul - Panthers Open Forum

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  • After dropping a tough game that not many people got to see, its time to regroup and prepare for the return of Olli Jokinen Jay Bouwmeester on Friday. 
  • The trade between the Rangers and Flames was finally completed.  Its Olli and Brandon Prust heading to the Blueshirts in exchange for Chris Higgins and Ales Kotalik.  I can't see how this helps the YAY US! 
  • For those not there, I will tell you that David Booth looks pretty much just like he did before the Richards hit, just in smaller doses.  He is still amazingly explosive and gets to the net constantly.  I'm just waiting for the ice time to increase.  It was also very nice seeing him out there with Stephen Weiss again; something I hope carries over into their next game. 
  • When asked about just that after the game, the first words out of Pete DeBoer's mouth was "well they didn't score" and went on to be nice and vague. 
  • Other thoughts?  Topics?  Rants?  That's what we're here let er rip!