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Saturday Caterwaul - Panthers GameDay Musings


The Panthers' shiny new Den of Honor offers visitors an ability to glean "virtual" advice from past stars. Here we see Bryan McCabe (r) channeling former captain Brian Skrudland about improving line change efficiency.


Das Sabres are in town for what's turning into a rather large deal for the Cats: the christening of the "Den of Honor"...several thousand square feet of Panthers hockey goodness, celebrating not only the Cats but all of hockey in South Florida. Professional, high school, junior, it's all on display. And about darned time.

From what we're hearing, this is the real deal: a lot of love and even more coin has been poured into this shrine to All Things Pucks in Sunrise and beyond. For the occassion, a significant number of Panthers legends will be on-site through Sunday. Many you'll remember, some you may not. But all share a love for the "good old days" and consider their time with the Panthers to be among the best of their careers. They would not be here otherwise.

So on that note...what's a bigger story, considering where the club stands this year: the game, or the ceremony?

Tonight's Live Game Forum powers up around 6pm. Oh, and if you're at the BAC and snap some pictures of The Den, by all means send them to and we'll post 'em all up next week. Go Cats.