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Thursday Caterwaul - Panthers GameDay Open Forum

Despite the possibly positive connotation among fans seeking lottery-ball glory, very little appears to be working for the Cats, as four straight losses attest.

The Panthers have scored seven goals in that time, allowed sixteen, and been outshot 122 to 90 (a ridiculous difference of -32).

Worse, in thirteen power play opportunities Florida has found the net once, while in eight shorthanded situations they've been banged twice (a stink-palm inducing 25%). Everything is on the wrong side of correct.

At this stage in the season, is anyone even concerned? Much as fans may (logically) wish for a last-place finish in the East, is any of what's been displayed on the ice of late showing flashes of what the future may hold with this bunch? Is there any growth?

Cats at Broons this evening (Fox Sports Florida); Live Game Forum roars to life at 6.