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Poll: Who would you add to Panthers' Mount Puckmore?


Figured now would be as fine a time as any to gauge thoughts from around Cats Country in this, the fallout stage of the Puck Daddy "Four Faces of the Florida Panthers" withdrawal syndrome.

A side note: I hate the term "Cats Country" with a brutal, just-short-of-violent hatred. Shall never be employed here again.

It was fulfilling to learn no one objected to a single one of my choices passions continue to run deep among Florida fans as to who they individually believe represents the club best. In choosing "my" four names, I simply went with those who were the first to come to mind, outside of folks currently active with the team. Knew from the start there would be considerable angst among Panthers fandom in regard to one or more of the names; let's be honest, when John Vanbiesbrouck, Olli Jokinen, Pavel Bure, and Alan Cohen are mentioned in the same breath, things could get ugly.

That said, it's time for another poll...and don't bail out with a vote and no explanation; love to hear the reasoning for your selection in the comments. Feel free to argue my choices as well (just being polite; no way anyone disagrees. Right? Hello...?).