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Panthers trim five from preseason rookie roster

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The Panthers cut several youngsters from the ranks on Monday, with one practice remaining before the preseason's first exhibition match in Raleigh Tuesday evening. Those affected:

  • F Alain Berger (OHL), undrafted, camp tryout
  • F Corey Durocher (OHL), sixth round '10
  • F John McFarland (OHL), second round '10
  • F Garrett Wilson (OHL), fourth round '09
  • D Alexander Petrovic (WHL), second round '10

Not to worry...we'll see all but Berger down the road; pencil in Wilson as quickest to return. Remaining from Rookie Camp (likely 2010-11 destination):

  • F Evgeni Dadonov (ROC? FLA? KHL? Based upon his uptempo play this week, we're guessing that last option has come off the table.)
  • F Quinton Howden (WHL)
  • F Scott Timmins (CIN, ROC)
  • D Adam Comrie (ROC)
  • D Erik Gudbranson (OHL...there, I've said it; Big Club is just too stacked)
  • D Colby Robak (ROC)

Who's next to go? I see Howden and Gudbranson getting an exhibition appearance - call it a carrot - and it's off to juniors for seasoning and further development. Simply no space otherwise. Dadonov's a lock for (at the very least) Rochester, as are Robak and Comrie. Timmins could be the victim of a numbers-squeeze and split time between the "A" and Cyclones (ECHL). Arguments?