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Caterwaul: Moen on Gudbranson fallout; more cuts from Panthers camp

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Consider this a quickie-Caterwaul; everything figuratively blew up at work this morning, so I'm off to the rescue (how modest). Again, it's a free for all, so discuss what you wish in the comments. A couple of items to throw out:

  • Whether or not D Erik Gudbranson survives the final roster cut next week, do you think anyone in the Panthers' organization will soon forget the cheapshot haymaker thrown by Montreal's Travis Moen on Monday? Stay tuned for an Andrew Peters-style resolution ("It's a big league, but it's a small world. There was no need for that. So now he's the toughest guy in the league. That was gutless.") on October 30th.
  • Quinton Howden has been returned to Moose Jaw (and man are they happy), while Evgeni Dadonov, Mike Duco, Triston Grant, Michal Repik, Scott Timmins, and Bill Thomas are all Rochester-bound. No jarring surprises, but Amerks' camp should become a bit more fascinating after these moves.

Floor's yours , peeps...and if you're able to locate a video of the Gudbranson/Moen thing, please by all means submit itto the community in a FanPost.