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Poll: Choose your own adventure behind Panthers' bench

You're coaching the rebuilding Florida Panthers, collectors of points in five straight games while staring down the throat of amassing a season-best third victory in a row. Better yet, eighth place in the East is within single-digits. With the score a razor-tight 3-2 deficit - and less than seven minutes remaining in regulation against division-rival Atlanta - your captain, veteran defenseman Bryan McCabe, squeezes the puck over the opposing goal line.

And then, the above video is captured.

Sadly, the on-ice officials appear to have desires contrary to your mission: they see nothing. Yes, nothing. Immediately, a faceoff is ordered just outside the crease, without so much as a glance at that lonely puck sunning itself within the suddenly-friendly confines of the Thrashers' net before Ondrej Pavelec decides to evict it under the watchful eyes of...nobody. No wave-off, no review, no call from the vaunted War Room in TO. In essence: it didn't happen.