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Saturday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

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Most of us are thoroughly disgusted at having to accept yet another blown-lead meltdown, but if you wish to re-live it all over again, feel free. I'm personally all set on the subject for today, though there's always some small nugget of goodness that may be gleaned from a five-goal surrender at home. On a BLUE-OUT, no less. Our pals at Canes Country were on this one quickly, whereas I went the sleepy route, literally. Talk it up at your own peril.

A thought: despite David Booth 's goal to open the game, he and fellow future paragon of leadership Stephen Weiss each finished the night with an impressive -3. Is that better or worse than Michael Frolik's 7 shots...with no points earned on the scoresheet? Finally, both clubs fired 35 SOG; is Justin Peters really that good? 

Things are destined to look up this evening, with the Cats taking on a Washington club with a grudge on its shoulder; remember the Bruce Boudreau dressing-room pistol-whipping of a few weeks back which went viral? Here's the inspiration. The fine folks at Japers' Rink are on it from the DC perspective.

Looks like Semyon Varlamov (1-1 lifetime) will be in net for the Caps. As for Florida, who do you go with after witnessing the recent madness? Scott Clemmensen is 2-4, while Tomas Vokoun has an 8-12-1 record against Washington, with 1 shutout.

Live Game Thread at 6pm.