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Friday Caterwaul: Panthers Open Forum

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Upon actually seeing numbers on the "bill" of each team's helmets last night I have to admit being swayed to the side of strongly supportive. They're not all equal, of course, as clubs utilize their own individual fonts - some just kind of hang there (PHI, above), while others look rather sharp and unobtrusive (VAN particularly). Anyway, one of those semi-subtle changes that grab our attention at the beginning of a new season. Not sure how it's going to play out with a Tampa Bay or Dallas or Buffalo...a lot of numbers up front. On to more pressing matters...

  • The Panthers are off to - where else - Long Island today after the long-awaited Thursday team dinner concluded with nary a public peep about the club's captaincy status. Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow. In the absence of anything else, it's easy to have obsessed over the subject. There were at least a half-dozen internet polls through the summer regarding Florida's next captain in what was a massive example of redundancy (we're guilty too). Hey, it's what folks want to talk about, so if you wish to continue opining on Ed Jovanovski's newest role, feel free.
  • Always on the lookout for improvement, SB Nation is asking for your help and insight in a - relatively - short survey here if you'd be so kind.
  • Here's a collectively tough call for us tonight: Lightning at Hurricanes, 7:30pm (GCL, Center Ice); choose wisely, whatever that means.
  • Happy birthday to forward @ScottieUpshall (28)
  • Thrilled to hear many of you have begun receiving your tickets and VIP parking passes for the Home Opener Suite. Several spots remain available for you last-minute shoppers...
  • Our fourth year of LBC Live Open Threads - essentially a gargantuan chatroom for each game - fires up right here at 7:30pm Saturday.