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Thursday Caterwaul: Panthers GameDay Open Forum

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Perhaps just as wildly unpredictable as Florida's 3-2 hang-on victory over the streaking Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday was a similar result played out in Newark that very same night. The New Jersey Devils - easily the hottest club in the league since early January - were placed in an offensive stranglehold via the Ottawa Senators, falling to the visitors 2-1. In essence, this evening's matchup should see an emphasis on  tight checking and defensive responsibility by both clubs.

And now that I've typed it, count on a wickedly high-scoring affair. Which I for one would welcome; been way too long since the Panthers scraped out more than 3 goals (February 4th, a 4-3 win over the Devils).

It's not out of the realm of possibility: left for dead prior to the March 1st trade deadline, Stephen Weiss (2g, 2a) and David Booth (3g, 2a) have picked it up in the five games since, and as they go, so go the Cats.

Ok, hold it down. At this point most interested parties are far more concerned  - for some reason - about the Eastern Conference standings and where these two clubs fall within them, so here goes (second number obviously reflecting points):

  • 8.  BUF  72
  • 9.  CAR  72
  • 10.  TOR  68
  • 11.  ATL  67
  • 12.  NJD  64
  • 13.  FLA  63
  • 14.  NYI  62
  • 15.  OTT  55

 And there you have it. Live Game Thread at 7pm.