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Post-deadline dust begins to settle for Panthers

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<strong>No closet fan of <em>Spinal Tap</em>, that Al Montoya.</strong>
No closet fan of Spinal Tap, that Al Montoya.

Wanted to take a look at where the various pieces/parts involved in - or around - the Cats' performance at the NHL trading deadline happened to have landed, now that two weeks have slipped by.

Being that the Florida Panthers are headed in a direction generally thought to be one of massive rebuilding - which placed them right in line with the specific needs of their trading partners - this list is not a critique of any one club's on-ice efforts or acquisition strategies, simply a "where are they now" primer.

To keep matters simple, we're not including draft picks nor prospects below the ECHL level; all will be covered in the off-season. Statistics through March 13th after the jump...

To FLA (2-3-2 since March 1st)...

Niclas Bergfors - RW:

7gp  1g-3a  4p  2pim  +3  19sog  3hits  2bks

Patrick Rissmiller - LW (RCH/AHL):

5gp  2g-5a  7p  2pim  -even-  16sog


To ATL (3-2-1)...

Radek Dvorak - RW:

6gp  0p  2pim  -even-  7sog  2hits  3bks


To FLA...

Jake Hauswirth - C (CIN/ECHL):

7gp  1g-2a  3p  6pim


To WAS (7-0)...

Dennis Wideman - D:

7gp  0g-4a  4p  2pim  +7  13sog  14hits  18bks


To FLA...

Sergei Samsonov - LW:

7gp  1g-2a  3p  0pim  -1  14sog  4hits  3bks


To CAR (2-3-1)...

Bryan Allen - D:

6gp  0g-2a  2p  11pim  +1  3sog  12hits  9bks


To FLA...

Evan Oberg - D (RCH/AHL):

5gp  1g-1a  2p  2pim  +1  8sog


To VAN (6-1)...

Chris Higgins - LW:

2gp  0p  0pim  -1  3sog  3hits  0bks


And in what could be deemed "deadline deals" of a sort...


To FLA (February 26th)...

Tim Kennedy - LW:

(FLA)  3gp  0p  0pim  -1  1sog  7hits  3bks

(RCH)  4gp  2a  2p  0pim  -1  2sog


To NYR...

Bryan McCabe - D:

7gp  2a  2p  0pim  +3  13sog  7hits  3bks


To FLA (February 24th)...

Ryan Carter - C (returned from injury March 12):

1gp  1g  1p  0pim  +1  1sog  1hit  0bks


To CAR...

Cory Stillman - LW:

8gp  2g-4a  6p  2pim  +3  13sog  5hits  4bks


To FLA (February 9th)...

Jack Skille - RW (currently injured):

7gp  1a  1p  2pim  -8  13sog  26hits  7bks

Hugh Jessiman - RW:

(RCH) 15gp  3g-2a  5p  18pim  -even-  33sog

(FLA)  2gp  0p  5pim  -1  2sog  4hits


To CHI...

Michael Frolik - RW:

15gp  2g-3a  5p  4pim  -3  48sog  10hits  8bks

Alexander Salak - G (currently w/Farjestads - SEL)