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Sunday Quick Stats: Panthers vs the Southeast

Just poking around the web on a dreadfully hot Sunday and dug up some numbers related to the Panthers record versus other teams (since the 2004-05 lockout), primarily within the division but we'll include a few other nuggets as well.

Against the Southeast Division (42 games-played in each series):

FLA vs Atlanta Thrashers -  18 W-19 L-2 OTL-3 SOL  (realistically: 18 W-24L)  GF: 108  GA:  127

FLA vs Carolina Hurricanes -  14-20-6-2  (realistically:  14-28)  GF:  124  GA: 136

FLA vs Tampa Bay Lightning -  25-12-0-5  (realistically:  25-17)  GF:  148  GA: 119

FLA vs Washington Capitals -  22-17-1-2  (realistically:  22-20)  GF:  122  GA:  126

A bit more following the jump...

Some interesting factoids:  


  • The goal differential against ATL can be viewed as a partial result of the efforts of two guys - Marian Hossa and Ilya Kovalchuk 
  • Swinging wildly the other way, CAR's dominance is somewhat muted when considering only 12 goals separated the two clubs over 42 games; regardless, a loss remains a loss
  • Even when pitted against Vincent a formidable offensive trio in Vincent Lecavalier, Martin St. Louis, and Steven Stamkos, the Bolts - minus top-shelf goaltending - continue to struggle head-to-head with the Cats; witness a -34 goal differential. And how about never having endured an OT loss?
  • And then there's Washington, whom Florida purely owned until the Glen Hanlon regime was swept away after 21 games during the 2007-08 season, unleashing Alex Ovechkin to annoy us on a regular basis


Looking back further

Now that the Thrashers are headed to Manitoba, here's where the Panthers-Winnipeg series stands - though keep in mind the relocated franchise will retain Atlanta's records...

FLA vs Winnipeg Jets -  5GP  3W-2L  19 GF  15 GA

We're all aware of the joint bit of playoff history Colorado and Florida share, but how about when we knew them as Les Nordiques?

FLA vs Quebec Nordiques -  7GP  2W-4L-1T  19 GF  25 GA

And of course, there's the Whale prior to being hijacked out of the Insurance City...

FLA vs Hartford Whalers -  16GP  8W-6L-2T  43 GF  40 GA