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AM Caterwaul: Draft Day Open Forum, Excitement Builds...

Ladies and gents, today is the big day we've been waiting for. After yesterday's insanity, NHL GM's will have to work hard to top the deals made yesterday afternoon, but expect to see a pretty good chunk of movement today as well. Hopefully the Panthers are involved in several of those and they are as positive for the organization as we're all hoping for.

Just as a reminder: The draft will be televised at 7 PM EST tonight on Versus, and we'll have a live chat up in case you don't have access to Versus. Also, the Panther draft parties will be taking place at Duffy's in Fort Lauderdale and North Palm Beach, so if you're able to, join some of the LBC crew to celebrate what is hopefully a very fruitful day for the Panthers.

Some links to occupy you as we wait for draft time to start (or some Tallon trade news breaks!) after the jump...