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On the Prowl: Panthers Wednesday Links & Open Thread

Welcome to On the Prowl, a collection of links from the LBC staff published each Wednesday and Sunday to stories pertaining to the Florida Panthers, their affiliates, and the National Hockey League. Have at it after the jump...

LBC Notes

  • We've recently established what's initially being dubbed the "LBC Trading Post": found on the lefthand sidebar of the main page, this area will be dedicated to community members interested in buying, selling and trading Panthers / NHL merchandise, tickets, whatever. This is not a substitute for eBay, simply another avenue for fans to connect and swap cool, unique items without the pressure of an auction environment. More info at the link above.
  • Sales have increased steadily over the past week for our LBC / Panthers Opening Night Suite Event; get in touch with Zach now to secure your spot!

Florida Panthers News & Analysis

Affiliate News

NHL News and Beyond