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On the Prowl: Panthers Wednesday Links & Open Thread

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Welcome to On the Prowl, a collection of links compiled by LBC and published each Wednesday and Sunday to stories pertaining to the Florida Panthers, their affiliates, and the National Hockey League. Have at it after the jump...

LBC Notes

  • We are excited and extremely pleased to announce our humble site having reached the 1,000,000 page-view milestone just this morning. Attaining this level has taken far more than (several hundred) game threads and link dumps: it's been a labor of love and common bond to a certain hockey club for all involved. You - community members and lurkers alike - have brought us here, and we are forever at your service. Stick around; as Johnny said to me several days ago: the next million - aided by a competitive Panthers squad - should be even better. Thank you all!
  • We're creeping ever closer to Rookie Camp; that said demand is building again for tickets to the LBC Opening Night fest at the BAC. Get off that fence and join us.
  • In case you hadn't yet stumbled across it, Ryan recently compiled a superb list of FAQs on advanced statistics (Corsi, Fenwick, etc.); definitely worth familiarizing yourself.

Panthers & Affliates News (yes, it's August)

The NHL and Beyond

Lastly, Matt Bradley tears him up some Blues' Tyson Strachan in March...