FanPost: "Club Red"


Say goodbye to sections 134, 101 and 102; they are going to become "Club Red"...

Well what can I say.  Club Red is going to engulf these three sections at a 2 year min and $22,500 per seat, it is essentially kicking all season ticket holders out to make way for the very wealthy and corporate buyers.  Granted your $45,000 investment will give you two years of EVERY event at the BAC with posh food and alcohol at no additional cost, but what about those of us who've been in the same seats for nearly 10 years.  "Whoops, thanks for your money and support but its time to relocate you."  For the 2012-2013 season, you have to make your choice of 'equal value ' seat by Aug 31, 2011.  

I have been in section 134 row 10 for almost 10 years, whether it was for 10 games for 40.  Exactly where is a seat equal to my joy in being over the opposing team for heckling? Or grabbing my personal favorite Sveda drink? Oh and if this area is now going to be cut off from the fans does that mean you won't be able to high five the guys when they get on or off the ice? Has that become part of the elite crowds privaledge?  I thought the ownership and management was finally moving in a direction to bring fans and Pathers closer.  This is sounding more and more like today's political climate, catering to the elite at the expense of the common people.

I am heated about this topic, that is apparent.  I am also incredibly disappointed.  I will savor my time in my seats this coming season and try to make as many amazing memories as I can, it may very well be my last season as season ticket holder.

Editor's Note: LBC has received a number of emails regarding this subject in recent days from seat holders in the affected sections; here's a bit of what's landed in the inbox.

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