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Friday Caterwaul & Poll: Panthers Open Forum

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"Sometimes you don’t really think how big of a loss he really is. He’s a great puck-moving defenseman who can get you the puck in a lot of good areas to get shots off or get speed coming up the ice. You see his stats this year — he has a lot of assists. He’s helping that team tremendously.’’

- High praise for Florida blueliner Brian Campbell from ex-teammate Patrick Kane via Adam Jahns/Sun-Times; the Hawks have yet to fill the void left by Soup's departure.

On the table:

Must be getting deep into the season, as Mirtle's Playoff Push makes a (welcome) return...THN's Proteau hosts a (long) interview with NHLPA honcho Don the other end, Bettman claims three potential suitors of the Coyotes exist - and all will keep the club in Glendale. You buying that?...a sick bunch in the room last night...more strange behavior out of Columbus management..."Clear Victory" standings at the break...Campbell riding Chara's shotgun? Make it so...NBC's JO'B looks at prospective final postseason spots in the East...sort of similar - with an eerily familiar opening paragraph - but focusing on the Caps via WaPo...strange days in AmerkLand...but of course soon-to-be UFA Bryan Allen is worth "either two No. 1 picks or an 'A' prospect and a No. 1 pick". How silly to think otherwise...join us tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. as we go all Open Thread on the Super Skills thing (NBC-SN, CBC).

Thursday’s Organizational Transactions:

  • F Tim Kennedy to SJ for D Sean Sullivan (he'll wear #37 per the Rampage)

Thursday’s NHL Waiver Wire


  • G Antero Niittymaki (SJ)
  • F Cam Paddock (LA)