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Saturday quickie Caterwaul: Panthers early-start edition

Yes, it was a save.
Yes, it was a save.

With a 1 p.m. puck drop on tap in Newark, we'll get right to the meat of today's action: the Eastern Conference hasn't changed with any respect to Florida since Thursday (current standings as of Friday night), so here's the rundown on Matches That Matter to the Panthers:

  • WPG (58P) at PIT (65P), 2 p.m.; not really stumped on this one
  • EDM at OTW (63P), 2; less stumped on this one
  • MTL at TOR (62P), 7; far less stumped here

Preview coming up later this morning, followed by the LBC Panthers vs Devils Game Thread at 12:30. Don't bother asking: completely agree this early afternoon deal is a ridiculous start time.