A Congratulatory Handshake and a Tip of the Hat

On behalf of In Lou We Trust (and a lot of Devils fans), I'd like to offer you guys a congratulatory handshake and a tip of the hat for an amazing series. I'm not here to gloat, I'm here to tell you guys you did one hell of a job.

Considering that nearly everyone had the Devils beating the Panthers convincingly, the series was amazing. While a lot of other hockey fans (namely those who weren't Devils or Panthers fans) were writing this series off as "lame", it was actually quite entertaining. Lots of ups and downs. Lots of lead changes. Lots of intensity. Erik Gudbranson and Scottie Upshall annoyed the heck out of me. Not saying it was bad, but these guys were annoying as hell and i've gotta give them props. It was also incredibly entertaining to watch Dmitry Kulikov. He's one hell of a player. Probably one of the few Panthers I enjoyed watching in this series.

Regardless of what happened with this series, you guys are going to have a bright future. I'm not a Panthers fan and I'm somewhat excited to see Jonathan Huberdeau in the NHL. Dale Tallon's done a good job in making the Panthers relevant in Florida again. While Panthers CEO Michael Yormark might have acted like a jerk on twitter, none of you guys were jerks this entire series. You guys are all class. Rat throwing aside, you guys weren't even close to being jerks. The BAC was loud during the playoffs, and you guys rocked it. Hopefully this year isn't an anomaly and you guys make the playoffs again. Hopefully there will be more encounters between our two teams.

Again, not here to rub it in your face. I'm here to congratulate the Panthers (and you guys) on a great season and an even better 1st round series. Cheers.

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