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Panthers Development Camp: Day One

The short guy on the right was yelling all day
The short guy on the right was yelling all day

Day One of the Panthers' development camp had its entertainment value. The players went through drills, including skating on one leg and with a puck under a skate. The players were split into groups of two, White and Red. Rampage head coach Chuck Weber took the ice with both squads, with a power skating coach leading the camp, and new hire Bryan McCabe skated with team Red (who was humorously forced into a few workouts). Prospect Quinton Howden and Erik Gudbranson were not on the ice. Gudbranson is out with an infection. A quick shot of players that impressed on the opening day:

  • Nick Bjugstad: Looked alright on the ice, but made headlines by saying he'll decide to go pro or return to Minnesota after the camp.
  • Jonathan Hazen: Really caught my eye from the start. After McFarland (more on him later), he was the best skater on team White.
  • Jonathan Huberdeau (Duh!): He has a spot on the roster for a reason, just a fun player to watch. He scored a nice goal that I wish I caught on video.
  • Steven Hodges: Made a nice first impression with his quick hands. Nice speed, as well.
  • Michael Matheson: No defense drills today, so Matheson got to show off his offensive game. He has some really good hands and does skate pretty well.
  • John McFarland: Most impressive guy on team White. Worked hard on the all the drills, and his skating really impressed me.
  • Jonathan Racine: Despite playing for rival teams, these two were very buddy-buddy at the camp. Racine's skating impressed me the most, and with Howden out, I believe he's best skater at camp.
  • Kyle Rau: The Panthers will have at least one impressive prospect at the University of Minnesota. Rau has a very quick shot and a really nice release.
  • Justin Vaive: He's 6'-6"!

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