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Friday Caterwaul: Panthers Open Forum

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Would the Cats take RFA Kuli to arbitration?
Would the Cats take RFA Kuli to arbitration?

2012 Development Camp is just about in the books as today marks the final scheduled activities for three dozen or so prospects and hopefuls. Of note heading into the weekend:

  • The Sun-Sentinel reported Thursday that a "source" has confirmed Minnesota's Nick Bjugstad - the standout star of this week's camp - has rejected an initial contract offer. While this may indeed be the case, it's hardly to be viewed as bad news since such an early outcome is entirely typical.
  • An excellent article from John Fischer at ILWT takes a somewhat critical look at recent Devils signee Krys Barch.
  • We're all aware of Kris Versteeg's decision to take his RFA case to an arbitrator; happily, defenseman Dmitry Kulikov has avoided such a measure, but the deadline looms - as in, today - for teams to do the same.
  • Everyone needs a hobby.

The floor is yours; feel free to shower the Caterwaul with news, notes, commentary, and linkage.