CBA talk: Don't call it a "counter"

Today is the day where the direction of the CBA negotiations should really start to take shape as the NHLPA is prepared to present a bold new vision of what the NHL should look like from an economic standpoint. It seems as if the union's long awaited counter proposal is not a counter at all and is instead a completely new "alternative view" of how the league and it's players should move forward.

I know some of us are already sick of all the CBA talk already but I for one can wait to see what the union has come up with. My guess is it will include expanded revenue sharing and possibly something along the lines of the NBA's luxury tax system to allow teams to spend over the cap ceiling if they choose to do so. The good thing is this should at least allow both sides to actually get down to trying to work this out. The NHL proposal last month was a non-starter and while the players took the time to take it apart and give it a long look over they have apparently decided to dismiss it and have come up with this new direction. I'll chime in with more in the comments section once details start coming out.

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