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Florida Panthers Open Box Office Window For 2013 Seats

Though some clubs are reportedly waiting until Tuesday to offer single-game seats, Cats have smartly decided otherwise.

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Yeah, it's not called that anymore.
Yeah, it's not called that anymore.
Bruce Bennett

So to answer the second-biggest burning question of the past 20 or so hours (first being, of course, the schedule), Yes...Panthers single-game tickets at the newly-renamed BB&T Center are available now at this link. And no, we don't get any compensation for directing you to Ticketmaster, so click with unbiased confidence!

A bit off-topic and I'll be honest: it's been a difficult transition from all-lockout, all the time with day jobs, to non-lockout, all the time, with day jobs. A strange, virtual & somewhat unreal feeling, but it wouldn't be on the level to admit anything else to our readership. All of us at LBC have blended into various other lifeforms as the lockout began/grew/withered, but in the end it turns out we remain rabid hockey fans, despite the hair we've lost or even witnessed go a few shades lighter since September. Anyway, get your seats above.