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Weekend Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Pre-NHL Entry Draft Open Forum, Updates

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Just where will Cats stand when - and if - the music stops at second-overall selection?

Will Nathan MacKinnon be available at #2?
Will Nathan MacKinnon be available at #2?
Rich Schultz

With the NHL Entry Draft officially getting underway Sunday at 3 p.m., we'll open the floor here for your input on any and all trade rumors, speculation, action, and discussion in regard to what can be easily argued as the Florida Panthers' most important trip to the podium, perhaps ever.

Please be sure to include credit/links to whatever you may be referencing from around the web. And be sure to stop by Sunday afternoon at 2 ET, as we'll be powering up the annual LBC Draft Day Live Thread; sure to be fireworks of some kind from around the league so do drop in. Enjoy!

Update: The official site has revealed a new Tallon video...

Update 2: New poll re: Lecavalier posted below. It's not necessarily Draft-related but kind of a big question in any case.