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Caterwaul: Florida Panthers "host" Dallas Stars in San Antonio Exhibition

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AT&T Center to host first NHL preseason action; Cats to trim roster tonight?

Ronald Martinez

The back end of Florida's home-and-home exhibition series vs Dallas gets cracking at 8:30 ET from the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX. this evening, as the Cats seek to improve their preseason record to 3-0-1 after a 3-2 shootout loss against the Stars on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the Rampage will begin their own training camp on Sunday with many among Florida's current camp squad to participate after reassignments get underway, potentially soon after tonight's game. But you already knew that. Question is, who survives the initial cuts? It's all conjecture at this stage, but in the absence of other pressing topics - such as, say injuries - we'll roll with roster predictions.

On that note, G Michael Houser (17-10-2, .917/2.55 with ECHL Cincinnati in 2012-13) is expected to get the start, while Jacob Markstrom will see duty Saturday in Tampa Bay.

Lastly, a few Panthers found time Thursday to make a charity appearance while in San Antonio, notably from the Center for the Intrepid; big thanks to for sharing the visit: