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LBC Thursday Night Playoff Game Thread

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Four more series get underway tonight, get your eyes on it!

Bruce Bennett

After last night's rousing start to the NHL playoffs, four more series kick off tonight. The New York Rangers will play host to the Philadelphia Flyers, the Chicago Blackhawks visit the slumping St. Louis Blues, the Minnesota Wild are in Colorado to face the Avalanche, and the Los Angeles Kings will do battle with the San Jose Sharks in the Bay Area.

Tonight's games will have a tough time measuring up to last night's action. The Montreal Canadiens slipped by the Tampa Bay Lightning 5-4 in overtime on a Dale Weise goal. The Pittsburgh Penguins came back to nip the Columbus Blue Jackets 4-3 (boo), and the Anaheim Ducks held off the Dallas Stars 4-3.

Florida may not be in, but feel free to stop by and chime in with anything Panthers or playoff-related.