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2014-15 Florida Panthers regular season NHL schedule revealed

12 back-to-back contests among challenges to come for Cats

This happened on a Thursday in Sunrise, somewhat recently.
This happened on a Thursday in Sunrise, somewhat recently.
Joel Auerbach

So here it is. Among the notable dates:

  • The Panthers begin the season at Tampa Bay on October 9, while opening the home slate 48 hours later against the Devils.
  • October 17: Cats in Buffalo; expect a warm welcome from the losers Draft Lottery's winningly-challenged faithful.
  • November 1: Flyers in Sunrise. On a Saturday.
  • November 8: Flames in Sunrise. On a Saturday.
  • November 18: Kings in town, so there's that residual Stanley Cup Champion draw the league keeps expecting to contain drawing power. In theory.

We'll stop there, since almost any random factoid can be applied to each of the 82 scheduled matches. All anyone cares about in this town are mid-week opponents (TUE/WED/THU) at home anyway, since there appear to be an abundance of local activities whenever the Jets are staying in SoFla. And here they are:


  • 30/THU: Arizona


  • 11/TUE: San Jose
  • 26/WED: Carolina


  • 4/THU: Columbus
  • 16/TUE: Washington
  • 30/TUE: Montreal
  • 31/WED: Rangers


  • 15/THU: Colorado
  • 27/TUE: Detroit
  • 29/THU: Columbus


  • 5/THU: Los Angeles
  • 10/TUE: Anaheim
  • 26/THU: Chicago


  • 3/TUE: Toronto
  • 5/THU: Dallas
  • 12/THU: Winnipeg (finally!)
  • 17/TUE: Montreal
  • 19/THU: Detroit


  • 2/THU: Carolina
  • 9/THU: Boston

Actually this year's midweek slate is pretty happening; more than a few decent teams in there. Honestly was expecting a swath of Edmonton, Ottawa, and, well Edmonton, but the schedule says otherwise.

Check out the full list above; plenty of oddball scenarios worth discovering.