LBC's 2015 NHL Draft Lottery Open Thread

With an admittedly dismal 3% chance of nailing the first overall selection, Florida nonetheless remains in the mix at as the McDavid Sweepstakes draw to a close.

Another frills-free production here tonight, but an important milestone for one of 14 organizations who managed to miss out on postseason action.

Not that it's been a secret of any sort, but the Panthers hold a 3% chance of grabbing - hopefully again - the first pick at the NHL Entry Draft in June (now, where's that being held again?). The club pulled it off only last April, besting the Buffalo Sabres (who retain a 20% possibility) before selecting D Aaron Ekblad. Florida's chances then were of course vastly better than what they face this evening, but still.

All important details regarding the lottery can be found via the league right here. Word is video of the actual selection process (regarding the nuts-and-bolts behind the scenes stuff) will be released soon after, which we'll link asap.

So it's off to NBC (the regular version), CBC and TVA for live results of the lottery shortly after 8. Until then give the Simulator a spin; I tried it on two separate occasions, Florida "won" on the fourth and ninth tries, respectively. Who knows.

The floor is yours :)