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2015 NHL Entry Draft: Sunrise-bound!

So where ya coming from?

The Draft hasn't happened yet, so here's a stock photo.
The Draft hasn't happened yet, so here's a stock photo.
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

With the NHL's 2015 Entry Draft mere days away, the international hockey media will be packing the very darkest of corners at the BB&T Center Thursday (media day), Friday (round one) and Saturday (the remaining 78 rounds. Or is it 79?). While there is no secret this year's event is something of a Big Deal with names such as Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel - both touted in many circles as generational talents - anchoring a no-brainer must-see event, there are seats open on both days to fans of the sport as well.

No doubt, as Florida Panthers fans we care about nothing so much as whose name Dale Tallon calls out at the eleventh selection, providing they retain it. Whatever happens he'll have a tough climb in reproducing the brilliant showmanship of, well, this...

Dude can work a room.

A personal sidebar: my father, brother and I were at the 1994 draft in Hartford. We were local of course, but what a cool show when trades were being announced. Oh, and the drama of Quebec's first round selection closing in on a yet-unchosen Brett Lindros. That was crazy (he went to the Isles).

Anyway, the question stands: if you're heading for Miami Ft. Lauderdale Sunrise, where are you coming from?