LBC's 8th Annual NHL Trade Deadline of Doom! Open Thread

Faking an illness one Monday per year since 2009

Most of the transactions, um, actions likely went down Saturday for the Florida Panthers, but one never knows what GM Dale Tallon may have up his sleeve, nor what out-of-the-park opportunity may arise, if any. What we do know is his steadfast resistance to "mortgaging the future", and who can't get behind that? League-wide trading cutoff is 3 pm ET, but a few stragglers always squeak through past that hour.

Find a rumor? Want to share it? By all means do so but PLEASE cite the source (just saving you time here as you'll be flooded with the inevitable - and completely understandable - "Got a link?" responses).

Nice to be on the "buyer" list :) Keep an eye on the ticker below for Tweets from the usual insider folks...