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Litter Box Cats 2016 second round NHL playoff predictions

Get your picks in for the division finals

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Hello LBC community,

due to the NHL scheduling Game 1 of the Tampa Bay-New York series on the same night of the deciding game between Anaheim and Nashville, we will forego our usual roundtable style article to give everyone more time to get your picks in.

The league-imposed monkey wrench means you have to supply a total of five picks for this round, accounting for both a San Jose-Anaheim series and a San Jose-Nashville match-up. Gary Bettman sends his apologies for the confusion.

Donny's picks:

  • Lightning over the Islanders in six
  • Capitals over the Penguins in six
  • Blues over the Stars in five
  • Sharks over the Ducks in seven
  • Sharks over the Predators in six

JC's picks:

  • Islanders over the Lightning in seven
  • Capitals over the Penguins in six
  • Blues over the Stars in seven
  • Sharks over the Ducks in six
  • Predators over the Sharks in six
Kevin's picks:
  • Islanders over the Lightning in six
  • Capitals over the Penguins in seven
  • Stars over the Blues in seven
  • Sharks over the Ducks in six
  • Sharks over the Predators in six

Todd's picks:

The comments section for this article will be closed sometime between 6 and 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening. In case you missed out on round one, feel free to enter now as we are having round-by-round winners and an overall winner. If you did enter in round one, make sure to stay in the game if you want to be crowned LBC champion at the end of the playoffs. The scoring system remains the same - three points for a series-winner with a bonus point added if you get the number of games it took correct.