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Is this the new Florida Panthers logo? UPDATE: Sneak Peek of Uni

Online leak has fans wondering if the "Cat" is out of the bag

Chris Creamer @TroyConcepts

On Tuesday, Paul Lukas of Uni Watch tweeted out an image of what is supposedly the new Florida Panthers logo.

Later in the day, the plot thickened when Chris Creamer of posted an article apparently verifying Lukas' tweet, writing that after checking with more than one of his reliable sources, that the leaked logo was indeed the real deal. The crew over there were even nice enough to do a mock-up which cleaned up and expanded on the image seen in Uni Watch's original tweet.

So, is the (new) Cat really out of the bag? It would seem to be the case, but the team, for now, has chosen to remain mum on the subject. Until official confirmation comes, we'll not have a definite answer until the new uniforms are revealed in full at the draft.

(Photo posted by Uni Watch and

UPDATE: Panthers co-owner Doug Cifu has provided the first sneak peek of the new home uniform via Twitter.

Looks like the new home uniform will have a red body, no shoulder yoke, a navy blue collar, white player names, and white numbers with a metallic gold trim.