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LBC’s First-Round Predictions contest

Get your picks in for personal postseason glory

Toronto Maple Leafs v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s a shame the Florida Panthers aren’t part of the party, but it’s time to make your picks for LBC’s annual predictions contest.

The contest is done round-by-round and there is an overall winner at the end of the playoffs, so make sure to get in at the beginning if you want to end up top dog in June.

Make your selections in the comment section. Scoring for th e first round is three points for each series-winner plus an additional point if you call the winner in the correct number of games.

Here are the series (in case you’ve somehow missed it) for the opening round:

Montreal vs. New York Rangers

Ottawa vs. Boston

Washington vs. Toronto

Pittsburgh vs. Columbus

Chicago vs. Nashville

Minnesota vs. St. Louis

Anaheim vs. Calgary

Edmonton vs. San Jose

Here are my picks (make yours the same way in the comment section, please)

Rangers (7)

Boston (6)

Washington (5)

Pittsburgh (6)

Chicago (6)

Minnesota (6)

Anaheim (6)

Edmonton (7)

Let’s get to it!