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Monday Caterwaul: Florida Panthers Open Forum

Best case for return of NHL hockey is early May

NHL: MAR 09 Panthers at Blues

With the CDC recommending the cancellation or postponement of all events of 50 people or more for the next 8 weeks, the best case scenario for the return of the Florida Panthers and NHL hockey may be two months from now.

From quickly scanning the news from various sources, it seems like the most likely plan includes ending the regular season where it’s at and immediately beginning a 20 or 24 team playoff based on point percentage.

With the way things are going now, this seems highly optimistic with a more likely outcome being the cancellation of the rest of the regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs and (hopefully) an on-time start in October.

The East Coast Hockey League already made the decision to cancel the remainder of its season and the playoffs in response to the pandemic.

It seems like it’ll just be a matter of time before all North American professional sports leagues that are currently on hold make the same decision.

The KHL is the only league that I know of that is still playing on with conference semifinals beginning on March 17. There are only seven teams left as Finnish side Jokerit forfeited its upcoming series with SKA Saint Petersburg, meaning that SKA will advance to the conference finals.

We’ll that’s about it hockey-wise for now. I’ll do my best going forward to get back to writing some Panther-centric content soon as I mentally shift into a more offseason mode.

Due to the state of the world, feel free to post whatever thoughts and feelings you have, but let’s remember to keep things civil and treat itself with the utmost respect.