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SB Nation Reacts is down to Final Four NHL goal songs

Vote for the leagues best goal celly tune

After a brief hiatus, SB Nation Reacts is back with the final four goal songs in the bracket. Sorry folks, I’ve been slacking in publishing the Reacts stuff on the LBC, so we missed the first two rounds.

The Final Four:

Red Wings (Battle Cry by Jack White) vs Canadiens (Canadiens goal song)

Coyotes (Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys) vs. Flames (TNT by AC/DC)

You can vote using this link whether you are signed up or not

Voting is open until 12:30 Monday

The Florida Panthers goal song, Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World fell to Detroit’s Battle Cry back in the opening round. No surprise there... I don’t have anything against Sweetness, it just doesn’t work as a goal song.