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LBC’s 2020 NHL Playoff Predictions Contest: Second Round

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AussiePantherFan kills it and wins First Round portion

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins Photo by Andre/Ringuette/Getty Images

After some exciting action from the Toronto and Edmonton hubs we have a winner for the First Round.

Let’s give a big LBC Congrats! to AussiePantherFan for finishing in first place to open the playoffs proper. Aussie picked an impressive seven series winners (3 points each) and earned four bonus points for calling four of those wins in the correct amount of games to finish with a whopping 25 points. Absolutely killed it... wow! Only miss was the Boston - Carolina series.

Second place honors went to jupiterfins with 21 points. SymmGod finished in third place again with 19 points and fourth place went to MichaelVal with 18 points.

Now back to the postseason contest... The contest is done round-by-round and there is an overall winner at the end of the playoffs, so make sure to keep playing or get in if you haven’t already and try to win a round or two... or maybe the whole enchilada.

Make your selections in the comment section. Scoring for the first round is three points for each series-winner plus an additional point if you call the winner in the correct number of games. We’ll keep the tiebreaker in the Eastern Conference. This time it will be the total goals scored in the Lightning - Bruins series.

Here are the four series (in case you’ve somehow missed it) for the best-of-seven first round:

New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers

Boston Bruins vs.Tampa Bay Lightning

Vancouver Canucks vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche

Please enter your picks in the comment section mirroring the example below. Remember, there is a round-by-round winner and an overall winner at the end, so even if you didn’t enter or do so good in the first two rounds, get or stay in the game. Good luck!

Example Picks (these are not my picks)

Flyers (5)

Lightning (6) total goals: 33

Golden Knights (4)

Avalanche (5)

Please get you picks in by the 8 p.m. puck drop of the Stars - Avalanche game tonight. Sorry for the quick turnaround, it’s the NHL’s fault.