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It’s time for LBC’s fourth annual Regular Season Predictions contest

Consider yourself a hockey maven? Put your skills to the test.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Florida Panthers Photo by Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photo/Getty Images

Alright folks, it’s regular season predictions contest time again!

The Information

We are looking for ten pieces of information from you.

A) The First and Last place teams from each of the NHL’s revamped four divisions (so that’s eight selections). Sure, picking the winner is usually the way these things go, but are you also knowledgeable enough to suss out the league’s bottom-feeders in addition to its powerhouses?

B) The amount of points the Florida Panthers will finish the 56-game 2020-21 season with

C) And finally the tiebreaker, the amount of wins the Cats will finish the campaign with


Team picks: Five points will be awarded for every first place correctly selected and three points will be awarded for every last place team correctly selected.

Panthers: If you hit the nail on the proverbial head and correctly call the number of points Florida finishes with, you get will receive ten points.

If you come within 3 points (over or under) of the number of points the Panthers finish with, you will receive five points.

If you come within 4-6 points of the number of points the Panthers finish with, you will receive 3 points.

If you are 7 or more points off from the Cats’ final total...

The maximum amount of points you can amass in the contest is 42.

The tiebreaker will only come into play if there is a tie between multiple contestants.

Enter your picks like this in the comment section. Picks must be entered by 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 13.

North: Edmonton / Ottawa

East: Boston / New Jersey

Central: Tampa Bay / Detroit

West: Vegas / Anaheim

Panthers points: 56 (25 wins)

Let’s get ready to rumble, prognosticators!