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SB Nation Reacts: Most NHL fans say sell off for next year

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Detroit Red Wings v Florida Panthers Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/NHLI via Getty Images

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The NHL Trade deadline is just days away, forcing teams to make decisions on what their future looks like. Front offices around the league will make any number of hard decisions, mostly between re-working the team for next season or adding pieces to make a run at the Cup this season.

According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, the deadline this season appears to be a buyers’ market. A slight majority of NHL fans would rather have their favorite team act as a seller at the deadline.

That is in part due to the unique rules around this season. The NHL has installed a flat cap on the season, preventing teams from adding big contracts.

According to fans, more than three-fourths of fans think the flat cap will play a role in teams’ decisions to make a push for the playoffs.

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